Become A Decant Seller

Fund your expensive fragrance habit by selling decants! 

We've made selling decants fast & easy; taking care of producing, storing, picking, packing and shipping your products to customers along with 24/7 trusted customer service.

You save money on equipment, rent, marketing, employees, shipping and more whilst saving time by partnering with a trusted decanting business with tens of thousands of customers. 

How Does It Work?

1. Register as a seller via this link.

2. Upon registering, you will receive an email with instructions on where to send us your existing bottles of fragrance. You can also purchase new stock and have it shipped directly to us.

We are based in the UK and ship internationally. If you are an international seller, you can buy fragrance from UK based e-commerce websites and have the products shipped to us.

We can also arrange to purchase fragrances locally on your behalf, and we'll bill you for that separately. 

3. Once we receive your fragrances, we will inspect them to ensure their authenticity and then produce decants according to your specifications.

4. Your products will be displayed on our main website, so you will receive full exposure to our existing customer base.

What Are The Fees?

Account Fee: £19 / month

Commission: 7%

Decant Production Fees:

  • 1ml Sample: £0.42

  • 2ml Sample: £0.56

  • 5ml Atomiser: £1.93

  • 10ml Atomiser: £2.26

*We make no money on the decanting fees as they reflect the labour and cost of materials per product. We aim to bring these fees down in future by increasing our purchasing power & improving operational efficiencies.

When Do I Get Paid?

You will be paid weekly.

Other Information To Know

*If you want to sell fragrances we already have listed on our website, then they will be decanted, sold and paid out when we get to your specific bottle. Meaning if we have 5x bottles in stock already, we will get to yours when those have been sold. 

This "first come, first serve" strategy will reward sellers who send us stock in a timely manner, whilst also encouraging sellers to expand their offering in order to provide customers with greater variety and thus capture further sales.

*Account fee is for up to 20 unique bottles. If you want to sell more, please get in touch. 

*Shopify charges a 2% payment processing fee, which will be deducted from your payout.

Example Weekly Payout